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Emmanuel Asuquo

Emmanuel Asuquo is a qualified financial adviser, TV presenter, speaker, author, podcast host and content creator, with over 15 years of experience consulting across the banking sector. Aiming to empower the nation and develop financial literacy, Emmanuel strives to challenge the stereotype of typically corporate financial advisors and is an authentic and relatable voice for young people and local communities. With a wealth of credits to his name, Emmanuel was part of the presenting team and financial advisor on Channel 4 Digital’s RTS nominated Money on my Mind, as well as Secret Spenders and On The Money, BBC One’s We Are England and Your Money, Your Life and Channel 4’s Save Well, Spend Better, which saw him give cash-strapped couples and families a financial makeover.


Growing up in Tower Hamlets, Emmanuel dreamed of securing a position in banking. After graduating from university with a BA (Hons) in Accounting and Finance, at the age of only 22 he became a financial adviser at Barclays Bank which later led to positions at The Royal Bank of Scotland, HBOS, HSBC & NatWest and he is now a fully qualified financial adviser.

Founder of the Eman Effect, Emmanuel created a financial education company that aims to help people reach their financial goals, equipping them with insight and knowledge to make cost-effective financial decisions and in turn helping them break the cycle of poverty and constraints of economic hardship. The Eman Effect provides educational seminars to young people, workplaces and academic organisations and as a beacon of financial literacy, Emmanuel is on a mission to empower the nation.

A popular and captivating motivational speaker, Emmanuel has delivered keynotes and content sessions across a range of events and organisations such as Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan and HSBC, as well as appearing at last year’s UK Black Business Show. Topics are wide-ranging and include wealth management, practical financial tips for everyday life, bridging the UK’s racial and gender pay gap, and financial equilibrium within relationships, to name just a few. He delivers sessions on the basics of finance from the UK credit system to pensions, how to protect your assets and recession-proof yourself, and how to set up a side hustle and adopt positive financial habits. Emmanuel’s talks are bespoke and tailored to each audience and occasion, exploring not only the monetary aspect of finance but also the significant impact that poor financial circumstances can have on our mental health and wellbeing, especially during a cost-of-living crisis.

Bestselling author, Emmanuel published ‘Get Your Money Right: Understand Your Money and Make It Work For You’, in 2023 with Harper Collins and ‘The Ultimate Guide to Money’, published by Puffin, is due to be released in September 2024 and is perfect for young entrepreneurs looking to navigate the financial world and build money confidence.


Notable TV credits include:

Money on my Mind (Expert, Channel 4/Barclays)

Save Well, Spend Better (Expert, Channel 4

Secret Spenders (Expert, Channel 4)

Jeremy Vine (Channel 5)

This Morning (Expert, ITV)

Morning Live (Expert, BBC 1)

Steph’s Packed Lunch (Channel 4)

Watchdog (Expert, BBC 1)

Phone Scams: Don’t Get Caught (Expert, Channel 5)

30 Tips to Cut Your Bills (Expert, Channel 5)

30 Tips to Cut Your Christmas Spending (Expert, Channel 5)

The Greatest Auction (Expert, Channel 4)

We Are England (Expert, BBC 1)

Scams (Expert, Channel 5)

Your Money, Your Life (Expert, BBC1)

Rip Off Britain (Expert, BBC 1)

Dom Delivers (Expert, BBC 1)

How to Stay Sane for the Next 6 Months (Expert, Channel 4)


Working across every facet of the media, Emmanuel has provided expert advice on BBC Radio London, ITV News, LBC, BBC Breakfast and has featured in The Times, The Telegraph and the Daily Mail.


Committed to community-based outreach, Emmanuel has hosted educational finance sessions for local churches and youth groups, helping individuals from low income and diverse socio-economic backgrounds by imparting knowledge and helping them to develop skills to combat challenging circumstances.


Emmanuel is also an ambassador for the NSPCC and will lead their Number Day campaign for 2024. He is also an ambassador for The Prince's Trust and My Bnk, and has attended Parliament to discuss the importance of financial literacy in education, advising policy makers on ways to financially educate the nation.

Emmanuel is currently a partner at Belvedere Wealth Management and earlier this year founded; a comparison site dedicated to helping consumers find deals and cut costs whilst saving, making and managing their money. When not consulting or onscreen, Emmanuel regularly shares helpful and easy to follow tips on all things finance via his social media accounts.

Siren Talent represents Emmanuel for all media engagements and collaborations, and for any literary enquiries Emmanuel is represented by Oscar Janson Smith.

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"Emmanuel was great at our recent event, his professionalism shone and the client was really happy."

Kate Landy, JLA

"Having had the pleasure of meeting Geeta before we knew we were getting someone who is a really warm presenter and person that would resonate with the moral purpose of our organisation and our audience.  In addition to all that Geeta’s professional expertise in helping to keep the awards event to time, and on track was absolutely invaluable to me personally as this was a completely new event for us. 


Our enormous thanks to you and Geeta for helping us to have such a magical event that staff will be talking about for a very long time."

Alison Ingram, Nova Education Trust

"Emmanuel was great at our recent event, his professionalism shone and the client was really happy."

Kate Landy, JLA


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